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The Avinash group was established in 1990 A.D. (2047 B.S.), under flagship of Mr. Guna Chandra Bista “Swami ji” who has been dubbed as “The Father of the Nepalese Poultry Industry”. With over 30 years of experience in the poultry industry, his dynamic and capable leadership has propelled the Group to unprecedented success nationally & globally in a span of 28 years. Today the group is popularly known the world over as “Avinash”. With a uniqueaa combination of expertise and experience and supported by strategic collaborations, the company diversified its activities to produce day-old broiler chicks, day-old layers chicks, commercial table eggs and import/distribute poultry vaccine, feed supplements, medicines, bio-security products, poultry equipments and many more. The Avinash group today plays proud parent to a number of reputed organizations under its wide umbrella and successfully caters to poultry and its allied sectors. The pioneering efforts of the Avinash Group have been well rewarded with several national and international awards. The group is the largest and the leading poultry group in Nepal.

The Avinash Hatchery Pvt. Ltd. is the leading and largest broiler breeder / hatchery company of Nepal, established in 1992 AD. The company produces 300,000 broiler chicks per week and has increased the capacity to produce 600,000 per week. The company provides integrated technical service facility to the farmers covering more than 2 million commercial birds. The Avinash Hyline Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the leading and largest layer breeder / hatchery company of Nepal, established in 2010 AD. The company produces 80,000 layers chicks per week and cover 85% market share.

The Avinash Farms Pvt. Ltd. is the largest layer commercial company of Nepal, established in 2011 AD. The farm of the company space 200,000 laying Hyline commercial Layers birds and 50,000 growers chicks. It has branded the egg as “avinash eggs” which is quite popular in Nepal market. The Avinash Vet Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is the ‘one stop solution for poultry care’. It provide diagnostics, technical service and function as distributors for poultry medicines, equipments, feed supplements, disinfectants, vaccines, etc. 

Avinash group is a leading business conglomerate of Nepal

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