Nepal Gas Udhyog (Narayani) Pvt. Ltd

Nepal Gas Udhyog (Narayani) Pvt. Ltd

Company examines plant equipments and cylinders periodically like: Hydraulic Testing, Valve change etc. before releasing product to the market for the safety of our valued customer. Company re-paints the cylinders regularly as well. Logo printed on cylinder. 'NEPAL GAS' printed on fostering of the cylinder. Metal Cylinder LP gas is imported form Barauni, Haldia,Paradeep,Mathura and sometime from Karnal of India through Nepal Oil Corporation. Indian Standard Institude (ISI) trademark Cylinders are imported directly from India. White Polymer Safety Caps are provided with each new cylinder for customers to keep it and to use to control incidental leakage. Filled LP Gas cylinders are provided with seal printed "Nepal Gas" Guaranteed full weight 14.2 kg.


Avinash group is a leading business conglomerate of Nepal

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